OTC Desk




Buy, sell and transfer your crypto assets with confidence.

What is the Ibanera OTC Desk?
The Ibanera OTC Desk provides a secure platform for businesses and individuals to buy, sell and store virtual currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC stablecoins and more, conveniently from your Ibanera account.

Secure and Compliant
Segregated custody wallets with multi-layer security on the widest and most flexible transfer network, policy engine and asset compatibility

Why Stablecoin?
USDC stablecoin allows for fast, reliable and transparent cross-border transfers. It is redeemable on a 1:1 basis for U.S. dollars, issued by regulated financial institutions and backed by fully reserved assets which are audited by accounting firm Grant Thornton LLP every month. It is the first digital currency sponsored by Visa for merchant account settlements.

• Dedicated Relationship Managers
• Trade Settlements delivered On-Chain for security and auditability
• Fund trades with bank transfers or crypto transfers
• Purchase USDC with Visa or MasterCard

Coming Soon

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